Starts at CHF 990.00

Starts at CHF 390.00

Starts at CHF 150.00

Relax and enjoy

Boat trips and cruises

A boat trip offers an unforgettable experience, combining the natural beauty of Alpine landscapes, the charm of lakeside towns and the serenity of sparkling water.

Sun, swim and cocktails

Price starts at CHF 495.00

Historic lake boat

Price starts at CHF 150.00

Natural beauty of the Alpine scenery

Price starts at CHF 180.00

A lake surrounded by majestic peaks

Price starts at CHF 180.00

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Latest Reviews

Very nice region, a nice program, thanks to all the Swiss Experience team.


Alain Barlé, France

“I had a fantastic time, I’m going home with wonderful memories….”


Cecila Misantos, Spain

” My stay went very quickly and I can’t wait to come back. A great journey! “


Monka Kurt, Germany

“Thank you to the whole team for the kindness and this wonderful program that I really enjoyed.”


Ahmed Amriou, UAE

Our Self-guided Hiking Experience

Hiking Trails

Whether you love the lake, the mountains, the gastronomy, the good wine or hiking, or whether you are a pilgrim on the Via Jacobi, we are here to make your self-guided hiking experience as extraordinary as possible!


We hope you make the most of your trip!

Mission & Vision

We are fortunate to live in a magnificent region of rare beauty, rich in culture and tradition. We want to share our way of life and our daily routine with all our visitors and travelers, welcoming them to discover extraordinary places and unique experiences.

Our team of professionals is always ready to assist all our guests and ensure that they have a pleasant time and that their stay meets their expectations.

Our region is vibrant and welcoming, summer and winter alike. We look forward to meeting you and helping you make the most of your stay in Switzerland.

Affordable Travels

Price based on the number of people.

Self-guided Tours

We provide all the necessary information.

Group Discounts

We offer a discount to groups.

Guest Support

We are available 24/7 during your stay.

Natural ingredients and plants

Holidays Kit

Your Unique Travel Kit !

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