Private Boat Tour

A trip on a small private boat with cocktails and a swim from Vevey on Lake Geneva is a luxurious and relaxing experience. As the boat leaves the harbor, you cruise along the magnificent coastline of Lake Geneva. Terraced vineyards, majestic mountains and charming coastal villages create an enchanting landscape. You can enjoy your favorite beverage while admiring the panoramic views. The crew offers you the chance to dive into the clear waters of Lake Geneva for a refreshing swim. The mountains in the background add a spectacular touch to this revitalizing experience. While you soak up the sun, the crew offers a tasting of fine foods, highlighting the local cuisine. Delicate amuse-bouches and fresh produce complete the culinary experience.

Great experience that combines luxury, picturesque nature and relaxation, offering a memorable day on the sparkling waters of the lake.

Immerse yourself in beautiful landscapes!

Your Private Boat Trip

The excursion includes a tour of the Riviera region from Lake Geneva, with views of the stunning mountains, followed by stops for a swim in the crystal-clear water or to relax and admire the magnificent natural panorama and breathe in the fresh air. An aperitif cocktail will be served while you relax on deck and admire the stunning lake views.

Dates: from Mai to September
Number of people : 1 to 6
Boat type: 9 meter motorboat with cabin, toilet and shower available
Boarding at the Vevey marina (Port de Plaisance)

Option 2 hours :
Every day between 14:00 and 18:00
1-4 persons 490.00 CHF (+ 25.00 CHF per additional person)
Visit of your choice of the Montreux or Lavaux region
Swiss deli & cheeses
Swimming is possible

Option 4 hours :
Every day between 14:00 and 18:00
1-4 persons 690.00 CHF (+ 25.00 CHF per additional person)
Visit of the Montreux and Lavaux regions
Swiss deli & cheeses
Swimming is possible

After work apero:
Tuesday to Friday between 17:30 and 19:00
1-6 persons 350.00 CHF
Ride off the coast of Vevey
BYO: bring your own drinks
Swimming is possible

The motorboat can accommodate up to 6 guests and includes snorkeling equipment.

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